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Kelowna Pub Night

Meet-up style event, mix and mingle with your peers. Registration is free, individual bills will be offered. REASONS YOU SHOULD ATTEND: All PAMA members are encouraged to attend and non-PAMA members are welcome too. This is a great opportunity to: Grow your network and connect with your peers, gain access to a pool of industry experts in your area, ask questions about PAMA’s social and educational programs, have fun and de-stress with like minded individuals.


  1. Who can attend this event?
    Any individual working in property management or providing services to property managers may attend this event.
  2. Do I have to be a PAMA member to register?
    No! If you are not a PAMA member, we invite you to join us and learn about our organization. Register through our website simply by creating a login account for free, and then register for the event. If you are having trouble, please contact [email protected] and we can help.
  3. How many associate member reps can attend from each company?
    We recommend a maximum of 2 reps per company.
  4. How do I sponsor this event?
    No sponsorships are being offered for this set of events. If you are interested in sponsoring a future PAMA activity, please email [email protected].

10/5/2023 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Pacific Daylight Time
Copper Brewing 1851 Kirschner Rd #102 Kelowna V1Y 4N7

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