Legal Update: Digital Documents & The CRT

Covid-19 has forced us to rely far more on purely digital media.


Paper letters, cheques, meetings in person, and the like, all are fading from memory as our primary means of communicating and doing business.

The Personal Information Protection Act therefore imposes itself on us more and more; and the Civil Resolution Tribunal has things to say about that Act and digital documents as commodities and as evidence.

Find out how to keep your digital documents straight and away from legal trouble.  

 See you on the 7th of July! 


Phil Dougan, Citadel Law Corporation

Phil loves to be a teacher when he can. He is involved with the Canadian Condominium Institute as a board member and speaker at CCI seminars. Three or four times a year, Phil also teaches an eight-week course at Vancouver Community College called “Law and Tenant Relations” for students training to be building managers.

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7/7/2021 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
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