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City of Vancouver

Feedback on a draft bulletin on inspection, test, and maintenance of fire protection standpipe systems

As you may know, the current BC Fire Code and Vancouver Bylaw requires that property owners or their agents inspect, maintain, and keep operable fire protection systems in their buildings. 

Standpipes in Vancouver have not been routinely pressure tested nor flow tested on a periodic basis as part of required inspections, testing and maintenance.  One of the reasons may be that testing of older standpipe systems to current design requirements could be problematic and pose a risk of water damage to the building if the fire protection service company is unaware of the historical requirements in Vancouver.  The draft bulletin is intended to inform the service companies of the historical requirements, the regulatory requirements, and expectations of how to conduct tests of standpipe systems.  A version of this draft had previously been circulated to an association of the service companies (ASTTBC), and this version has been updated with their feedback.

Standpipe Bulletin    Sample Report Template

All comments and/or queries are to be directed to:

 Rick Cheung, P.Eng., CP, FEC
Vancouver Fire Rescue Services
[email protected]

Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2022


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